Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't forget about you!

#4: Take time for yourself
I was very fortunate to be able to put myself first a few mornings every week throughout this past summer. For the first time in years. Which wasn't an easy task with a mothers circus juggle of sports schedules, weddings and other fun filled events that happen all summer long. But it was necessary. Happy healthy mother = happy healthy family! My focus during "me" time was getting back on track with a healthy lifestyle change. It really just took an hour at the gym every other day and a change in good food choices. I slowly saw the positivity from it all when everything else in life seemed just a bit easier. Everything from the housework to our crazy schedule and everything in between.
Advice for today, very simple. Take a moment and do something that makes you happy. If you have an hour, take a bath, get a massage, sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with the book you haven't read yet that is sitting by your bed. The more you can take care of yourself and take a moment to be self serving, everything feels less stressful and more enjoyable. I only speak from experience and this is a must for every person. Until next time, do as the British do, Keep Calm and Carry on.
“It is not arrogant or egotistical to feel good inside. You had nothing to do with it. It’s simply the honest response to clearly perceived Reality.”  ~ Erich Schiffman

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time sure does Fly

Oh boy, it has almost been a year since The Haven sale. I sure enjoyed seeing all of our wonderful visitors! Thanks to all who were able to stop out. Unfortunately there won't be a sale this year. As fun as it was it is just going to have to be checked off the bucket list. For now anyways.

There has been a lot going on the past 11 months since the last post and I will narrow it down to a top 5 list. A list of suggestions for you to do yourself. So this week look forward to some great ideas to try what I have learned and experienced myself. Being that this blog was started to express new adventures and life excitements, I can't wait to inspire someone or some of you to give it a go!

So today we start with #5: Learn a new skill
My skill was as simple as chopping wood. Seriously, I did! It was actually fun too. I think it was more entertaining for my family to watch me in the uncoordinated process of getting the hang of it. But now I can say "Sure, I  would love to chop some wood for you!"......if anyone would ever ask:)
If chopping wood really isn't your thing then here is a list of other things to try.

1. Learn to knit
2. Learn to cook a new meal
3. Learn to change the oil in your car
4. Learn the words to your favorite song
5. Learn something new about someone you love. (Ahhhh, heart.)

The list could go on and on of course but maybe you already know what you are going to try.
Please share something new you are trying, I would love to hear about it. Let's inspire new adventures together!

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Must See!

I had to share this, I am a huge fan of Teresa DeJarlais of The Porch in Buffalo, Mn. Such a talent and so inspiring to not only make any space beautiful but save a few bucks in the process. This video is a great sample of wonderful creativity. Enjoy.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vintage paper packs are ready to go!

I have finished putting the paper packs together for the Haven. They are full of fun vintage wallpaper and vintage book pages and fun little vocabulary cards!
Perfect for the DIY creator or the scrapbook artist. The possibilities are endless.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to work!

Oh what a great weekend. I just got a boost of creativity from a wonderful wedding filled with so much love. What a blessing to have such a caring and happy family to be with.
So many of us will be surrounded by family and friends with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, which is why I thought to create these fun gift tags to add a little interest to your thoughtful gift wrapped package that will soon be under your tree.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Old books or journals?

Are these old vintage books or are they journals? You will have to find out at the Haven!